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I'm a Mechanical Engineer with a solid background in robotics, kinematics, control systems, manufacture, machine vision, C/C++ programming, networking, and embedded systems.

Status: I am working as a consultant, and president of CodePoet Consulting.

Some Background

After graduate school I went to work at Cimetrix doing robot stuff (that is after all what I had been studying). We started off using Unix, but the company made the switch to NT. While there, I used to write code for Windows NT using MFC and Microsoft Visual C++, and then I would come home and program stuff using Linux. It was a good experience, and I got a lot of time in working on embedded systems, robotic workcells, doing image processing, and spending weeks at a time in hotels doing work for various manufacturing facilities. Eventually, I wanted to pursue some other interests (and spend less time on the road), so after working there for over 2 years, I left to go work at WordCruncher.

WordCruncher was an Internet search engine company. It was a pretty cool place to work, since I got to use Linux on my workstation, and do cool search engine programming stuff using a very high powered DEC Alpha based supercomputing cluster. Things changed. Management decided they wanted to do something else and "shift[ed] strategic direction" in order to become "the business portal for the Internet". My boss, the very cool Tim Riker, was "let go" to facilitate this direction change. I quit a few weeks later.

Next I went to work as the System Administrator for the now defunct EagleNet Online, a growing, medium sized ISP. I made all the computers go, and fixed them when they broke. I maintained all the modem banks, web servers, mail servers, news servers, ftp servers, frame relay connections, wireless connections, routers, etc. Other than being a pain sometimes, it was a lot of fun. To help handle the load, I hired a friend of mine to help out, Mark Whitley, and he later took over the job as System Administrator. About 6 months after I quit, he quit too, and also went to work for Lineo.

Next I went to for Lineo as a Senior Software Engineer, doing embedded Linux development, Linux and uClinux kernel porting, driver development, development of systems for various customers. I also got to work on a lot of Open Source software. While there I developed and helped build a developer community around some of my Open Source efforts such as uClibc, TinyLogin, and BusyBox. BusyBox has proved to be extremely popular and is now used by nearly everyone doing embedded Linux work.

On Friday, September 7th, 2001, I was laid off when Lineo, had some major layoffs (over 60% of the company was let go). Since that time I have been running a small consulting company.


Linux, networking, computer programming, computer graphics, robotics, automation, CNC machining, computational vision, and about 25 other things depending on the day of the week you ask me.

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